What We Do


  • Rehabilitation and construction of shallow wells NAGPUR District
    • Running Degree College in Kelwad to educate the rural people.
    • Implemented project of income generation activities which supported by Government.
    • Oppsworld helps to educate and empower the rural people through skill Development.




  • Address the environment Health, water, sanitation, nutrition, Education food security
    • These objectives will be achieved by carrying out work on the Delivery/ distribution networking and to extend the network to areas which has not access to safe and adequate water.

Characteristics of the organization:

  • We have the entire Basic infrastructure to achieve the goals and objectives of the project such as Hi-tech office (computer with all the Peripherals, Broad band internet connection.
  • We have highly qualified, experienced and professional Personnel, like MBBS Doctor, MBA,PG in sociology, advocates, engineers, P.G in Labour and Social Welfare , Law graduates etc. who dedicate themselves towards the objectives of the organization and project.
  • We have our separate Recruitment policy, recruitment of staffs done by an interview board, which consisted the scholars of the related project theme.
  • We insured the staff against any Calamity or disaster, to support their family in the hard time.
  • Governing board of our organization has representation of all the community.
  • The meeting of our governing body held once in 3 month and review all the progress related to the entire project.
  • Our organization believes in transparency at every level of work, we have financial display board ,on which we write down in bold letters that organization have received such and such amount in the following head .
  • We maintained all the accounts book on the computer and it’s absolutely up-to-date.
  • We have the strong network with the local administration and other N.G.O and government.
  • We have to create the staff Emergency Welfare fund to provide support in their hard times.
  • We have established information cell for the mass to get any type of information at any time.
  • We have also an advisory Board, which is entitled to give support in the planning level.
  • Advisory board consists retired bureaucrats, judiciary members, academician, research scholars and social workers.
  • Our organization started it works from grass-root level and then gradually going up to address other groups who will be the beneficiary in the project or stakeholders.
  • We recruit, Project staffs who are coming from same socio-economic conditions, in which our target groups belongs ,and our project staffs are very well aware of local conditions and area.